The secret of Stradivari in Cremona remain

So, the next sensation in the world! Young violin maker of Cremona -Andrea Shudtts announced that he is the owner of the secret of the old masters, the same notorious “secret of Stradivari”, which wants to find if not every self-respecting professional barely.
We were able to arrange an interview and meet with Andrea in his workshop in Cremona, where he returned after the exhibition, which presented his new violin. Master met us in working clothes, with tools in hand.

– Here, have lost a lot of time, it is necessary to make up, a lot of orders. Shows strong beat of the working rhythm. However, the results of the last two – in Milan and Shanghai – are impressive. I sold both the “new” violin, and has received orders for a few more tools.

– Tell me, these are the violin, being talked about so much?

– Yes, these are the tools. You can see them, but carefully, they have already been sold.
– I understand that you do not reveal their secrets, but little to lift the veil – what is the difference between an old violin from the modern? What is the secret to amazing sound of violins Cremonese masters of 17-18 centuries – Amati, Guarneri, Stradivari?
– This is a fundamentally different technology. How would you explain more clearly … For example, if the bicycle master said that the bike will race faster with square wheels, and that he began to think hard in this direction. After all, in the world there are many hypotheses as the old masters managed to achieve such a sound – bugs and some wood Stradivari grass, and ice age timber is near Cremona all spoiled, and in sea water soaked wood, and in the river too. Yes, he still oxidized his violin all that comes to hand. Which only “secrets of Stradivarius” was not over the years, “he revealed.” Well, master, as soon as the next hypothesis thrown together embody this method. Receive an outcome, it is naturally something different from the normal sound. But, after a while, I realize that this is still not the same and continue to work quietly in their studios to the next “revelation” next “finder” secret of Stradivari / Guarneri / Amati (underline). In general, attempts to create instruments with the “old” sound was non-measurable set. We tried to use tortoise shell, faience, ivory, plastic and even steel. But the result is to improve the sound was zero. Therefore needed a completely different approach to the violin.
– So you think you used the technology used by Stradivari?
– What do you mean. I am not in any way saying that managed to find the original recipe Stradivari, no. I’ve always liked more the work of Guarneri. I am repelled by his work, did it up his tools, copying the shape, picking paint, soil, and by the sound, according to the characteristics that they gave my new tools – I realized that I was moving and moving in the right direction. And indeed, I have created tools like night and day different from what I did before. The result is obvious – I managed to get quite a different sound quality. I will say more: in order to achieve this, I needed to completely disconnect from the standard process and begin to bring a completely seemingly incompatible things in the process of creating a tool. I had to try to expand the search in the direction of a completely unbelievable, but it paid off.
– I’m trying to figure out why you were able to reveal that for centuries have not been able to do other luthiers?
– It did not come suddenly, it is not enlightenment. I’m doing the violin with the school age, for over twenty years. And in the 15 years I have participated in international competition as the youngest violin maker. Especially because I did not have to start from scratch, my father was a great master. I am quite sure that he lived a little longer, he would have done so before me a violin. He is also a lifetime trying to declassify the “Italians”. He told me that he could not be in those days too sophisticated technologies. He said: “look simple, very simple, but ingenious solution, pay attention to every detail, and think. All the time think about it. “He believed that the whole system, this technology” secret “was coined by one person and that was made just one change to the manufacturing process. And that without this single parts will not work the whole system. I was looking for this particular item, the missing cog, but the passage of time began to realize that if there was only one component of the unknown, that someone could guess a long time, or accidentally put into practice. Then I started to dig deeper, and I realized that everything was harder and easier at the same time – namely, the component is certainly not alone, probably why it was so difficult to find. And when I did the first violin for a new recipe, and it sounded absolutely fantastic for a new tool, it took me a few days to pull myself together, calm down and start a second fiddle. It was so much doubt – all of a sudden it was an accident, suddenly will not work. Only when the second violin sounded as deep as the first one, I realized – it is a victory!
– Did someone confirmed the authenticity of the sound, it sounds just like an old instrument?
– Of course, they have already tested several independent violin virtuosos and experts. Some I warned that this unusual instruments, and some give