Apostoli ed Evangelisti

In the creation ANDREA SCHUDTZ remodeling of the last century has been forgotten production process, and basically do not use modern productionprocess. Those who use the same materials, the method of making musical instruments have also been produced by ancient masters used. Many of his musicalinstruments can be used as a perfect replica of the famous instruments."Missionary" series - This is a series of four violins. Every instrument is called the name of a missionary: MARCO, LUCA, GIOVANNI, MATTEO. The birth date ofeach instrument corresponds to the corresponding missionary saint day. Born on Saints Day is said to have a special meaning, born in Saints Day will receive astrong angel of the patron saint. (May 8 - Saints Marco, May 21 - Saints GIOVANNI, October 31 - Saints LUCA, November 29 - Saints Matteo).The series of instruments used in the production of precious ancient species. Now "four missionary" series of instruments distributed in various countries inthe world.