Quattro Elementi

Since 2008, A. has presented series of musical instruments – The Four Elements, Music of The Spheres, Insight, Eclipse, The Apostles, Full Moon. His most recent creations reflect his rise to a new, higher level of craftsmanship.  Craftsmanship and insight.Until the mid-18th century, musical instruments were closely linked to astral symbols. So, an instrument’s bottom deck symbolised the celestial firmament and its flat back – the Earth. The four strings corresponded to the four elements – Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. Such symbolism was universally understood and required no special explanation but over time was gradually forgotten. However, the past is never dead.A. is constantly engaged in experimentation. One of the outcomes of this has been The Four Elements project comprising a series of four instruments (two violins, a viola and cello) – a quartet with each instrument named after an element - the Element of Fire violin based on a 1917 Stradivarius model; the Element of Water violin – a G.B. Guadagnini model; the Element of Air viola – a Testore; the Element of Earth cello – a Stradivarius Piatti.Professionally sourced astrological calculations were used during the instrument making, among other things, to select creation dates for the violins, cello and viola. The time selected –  when the planets are most favourably aligned – predetermines an instrument’s destiny, just as a person’s birthday determines his or her character and potential.A corresponding element was considered for each instrument. Specific days were chosen for working with the wood,  applying sealer to the future instruments and coating them in vanish. Each instrument was produced with precisely calculated and controlled measurements, on set dates.This method of applying astrological calculations is key to the process. Instruments made in this manner have a special sound, and these unusual projects are generating genuine interest among musicians worldwide.  You could say, in A.’s workshop instruments are not produced – they are given new life.



Element of Fire - impulsivity indomitable energy and passion. The element of creative inspiration recoil impulse. It is expressed in the pursuit of increased energy. The fiery nature of the instrument showing leadership qualities.


Element Air - power of original thinking. The element of creative interaction. It is expressed in the ability to balance. Air nature of the instrument shows consonance harmony with other artists.



Element Earth - funded energy to achieve results. The element of form, sound proportions. Expressed in acquiring experience, the ability to achieve what was originally available. Earthly nature tool shows professionalism.


Element of Water - energy transformation at the subconscious level. The element of intuitive and creative perception. It is expressed in the variability of emotional responses. The aqueous nature of the instrument shows emotional oversensitivity.