Andrea is a true professional: his research doesn’t end once his objective has been reached. Through his craft, he recreates antique methods and combines the rigorous, careful study of past Masters’ instruments with constant experimentation. His works emanate the vibrations of ages past in instruments of crystal clear resonance, perfect in their every detail.

Andrea probably applies the most attention to detail of anyone in his field. His artistry is capable of uniting the research of other master craftsmen, his personal studies, his plans and even his dreams, in a single original structure. His father taught him that every instrument has a tale to tell, which begins the moment in which the master craftsman designs it, even straying from the classical schemes of the profession. The design takes on a strength capable of rendering the crafting of the instrument an indispensable necessity, like breathing. This is the only way that a piece of wood can be brought to life, given a soul and transformed into a sensual creature. Achieving harmony between nature, the instrument and the musician is fundamental; as if the instrument itself were to become a means of recreating the archaic bond between the musician and nature.

The Master’s continual creative research has led him to the creation of two distinct projects: “Musica delle Sfere” (Music of the Spheres) and “Quattro Elementi” (Four Elements). The first is made up of a series of seven instruments, each of which is identified by both a serial number and a name. The latter correspond to the names of the solar system’s known heavenly bodies at the time in which the theory of the music of the spheres was conceived: Sole (Sun), Luna (Moon), Mercurio (Mercury), Venere (Venus), Marte (Mars), Giove (Jupiter), Saturno (Saturn). Each instrument was created based on the birth date of its future owner. This project originates with the studies of Kepler, Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Nicoma and Leonardo da Vinci. These great minds believed that the distance between the heavenly bodies could be calculated through mathematical formulas based on musical harmony. The four strings corresponded to the four elements: Fire, Air, Earth and Water. This symbolism, while evident to the authors cited, has been forgotten over the centuries.

Andrea Schutdz rarely uses modern technologies. He often uses the techniques and tools of the Great Masters and creates replicas of famous instruments. The first instrument of the “Musica delle Sfere” series, a Viola called Marte (Mars), which replicates the Guarneri model, has received enthusiastic acclaim.

The “Quattro Elementi” project is a series of four instruments: a viola, violoncello and two violins. Each corresponds to one of the four elements (Fire, Air, Earth and Water) and has been designed according to extremely precise calculations. At the moment, Andrea has completed the “Violino di Fuoco” (Violin of Fire). Just a glance at this instrument allows the viewer to feel its energy and passion vibrate through the air, as well as to understand the sound that the instrument will produce. The next piece in the collection, already being crafted, is the violin which will correspond to the element of Water.

The Master says: “Oh! This violin is going to be something incredible! I’m making it using a completely original technology and it will surely be an instrument of a completely original level! The Ancient Masters’ many years of studying and analysing instruments have not been in vain”.

In Andrea Schudtz’s boutique, instruments are not made, but are born. The “Musica delle Sfere” and “Quattro Elementi” projects confirm that Andrea has taken another step forward and has achieved new sublime heights within his own artwork.

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